Möt aktörerna som gått från idé till verklighet med cirkulär ekonomi

WEBBINARIESERIE Nu bjuder Antrop, som en del av det nordiska nätverket LOOP, in till en serie webbinarier. Möt Restauranglabbet, Volvo Cars, Fiskars och flera andra stora aktörer och spännande startups som delar inspirerande case, nya lösningar och samarbeten som kommer att ändra framtiden. 

Hur relevant är cirkulär ekonomi i tider som dessa?

I en ekonomisk nedgång är resurserna ännu mer värdefulla. Att kunna förlänga livscykeln på sina produkter, och dela tillgångar och saker kommer att bli ännu viktigare för kunderna. Vi tror verkligen att de som fortsätter att utveckla nya hållbara affärsmodeller utifrån kundernas behov kommer att vara de som går starka ut på andra sidan av denna kris.

Kostnadsfria webbinarier med cirkulära aktörer

Men hur ska man gå till väga? I en serie om 4 webbinarier kommer vi att möta företag som har lyckats med sin cirkulära affärsmodell och få lära oss av dem. Webbinarierna presenteras i LOOPs regi, ett nordiskt nätverk som arbetar för en cirkulär framtid, där Antrop är svensk partner. 

Webbinarierna hålls på engelska, ger konkreta exempel och är 30 minuter långa. Läs mer och anmäl dig nedan.

We aim to make Nordics the forerunner in circular economy


19 maj kl 9.00

Extending product usage and lifecycle

In our first webinar we present two cases: A global consumer goods company piloting a circular business model with agile methods and a startup solution developed to match sharing economy and product life cycle requirements.  

Circular into profitable business: Case Vintage from Fiskars

Fiskars group has strong brands like Iittala, Fiskars and Arabia. Their first venture was Vintage service which buys and re-sells old and used Iittala and Arabia tableware. How did an over 350 year old company manage to do agile piloting?

Noora Haatainen, Director, New Business and Growth, shares the journey with its wins and hick-ups along the way in building a circular venture.

Circular solution: Omocom

Omocom is a startup aiming to keep existing products in use. Their digital insurance solution makes all kinds of renting and sharing easier. Omocom founder Ola Lowde shares their solution and its benefits to circular business models.

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Iittala Vintage concept Photo: Iittala

Iittala Vintage concept Photo: Iittala


29 maj kl 9.00

Collaboration and innovation in the fashion industry

The fashion industry emits more carbon than international flights and maritime shipping combined. In this webinar two sustainable superstars share their truly circular collaboration aiming to change the apparel industry. 

Revolutionary collaboration to change industry

Spinnova, the sustainable fibre company, and the sustainable outdoor brand Bergans launched the Collection of Tomorrow, a fully circular, subscription-based takeback and reuse concept which is revolutionary in the apparel industry.

Lotta Kopra from Spinnova and Yngvill Ofstad from Bergans share the learnings from the collaboration. 

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Backpack from the Collection of tomorrow from Spinnova and Bergans

Backpack from the Collection of tomorrow from Spinnova and Bergans


4 juni kl 9.00 

Piloting circular plastic materials in manufacturing 

We are used to taking virgin materials and their high quality for granted. In this webinar we meet the premium car manufacturer that approach use of recycled plastics. And look into new business opportunities coming from replacing plastics in the construction industry.

Volvo Cars recycled plastics demo car

Volvo Cars’ ambition is that at least 25% of all plastics in cars launched after 2025 will be made from recycled material. It is an ambitious goal. To understand how to make it without compromising on quality and design, Volvo decided to build a pilot car of the XC60 T8 plug-in hybrid. How did the project go and what did Volvo learn from this pilot? Sandra Tostar from Volvo Cars will share the insights with us.

We also get to meet Looping who offers a plastics solution for the construction industry.

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11 juni kl 9.00

Call for Action - Collaboration in crises and food waste

In mid March Restauranglabbet in Stockholm initiated Call-for-Action, a circular design initiative to reallocate food surpluses, delivering thousands of free sustainable and nutritious meals to staff and healthcare workers, risk groups and school children sparking a wave of similar initiatives across the country. Proving that circular design thinking and Agenda 2030 mindset can be a toolkit for solutions and disruption in stressful times like the Covid-19 crises, supporting food system resilience and social, ecological and economic sustainable and robust solutions. 

Meet Anders Breitholtz, Material designer and Circular Economy Strategist, Co-founder Restauranglabbet

And Emilia Liljeström, Innovation manager, Martin & Servera (Swedish restaurant and catering specialist)

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Food from Restauranglabbet (The Restaurant Lab) Photo: Restauranglabbet

Food from Restauranglabbet (The Restaurant Lab) Photo: Restauranglabbet

This is LOOP

LOOP is an ecosystem taking circular economy from strategy to action. LOOP was founded in 2018 and consists of a unique combination of experts in business development, service and digital design, venture building and circular design, covering the Nordics.

The partnership today includes Antrop (SE), Avanto (FI), Agens (NO), Startup Norway (NO) and ArtRebels (DK) –  all united in the belief in acting instead of talking when creating a circular tomorrow.